Climate Change

The time to act is now

The effects of pollution and global warming have never been so visible or measurable and therefore is climate change one of the most urgent and complex challenges of our time, but how do we solve it?

Some believe we must learn simply to consume less. Others believe technological innovation alone can resolve the problem.

But neverless Houston we have a problem because to preserve our planet’s ecosystem, we must dramatically reduce our net carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, while continuing to sustain an expanding population.

planetary costs

People who live in the rich countries – buy more, fly more and use much more energy than people who live in the poor countries. All the things we buy – from clothes to food to electronics and more – have their own planetary costs.

How to Save our planet

As consumers in the rich countries, we have a important role to play in reducing carbon-intensive activity. We can turn our thermostats down, buy local food, eat less meat, fly less, use less plastic and walk and cycle more, just to mention some of our options.

Plant-based diet can fight climate change

According to BBC News could more people be fed using less land if individuals cut down on eating meat.

A major report on land use and climate change, to which the BBC refers, says that the West's high consumption of meat and dairy products is fuelling global warming. You can read the full article here

Are there health benefits to going vegan?

In most studies, vegan diet is highlighted as one of the healthiest. If you are in doubt or nervous about whether a vegan diet contains the necessary nutrients, the trailer on the right, made by Arnold Schwarzenegger, among others, may make you convinced.