Have you been sexually

Sexual Assault is NEVER the victims' fault

Often the victim first reveals their experience days, weeks, months or even years later.

Below are 5 reasons why someone does not immediately tell that they have been sexually abused.

  • Shame: Many who have been sexually abused, especially if they know the abuser they often are so shocked that they may be in doubt whether they themselves have been to blame for the episode. And then they are less likely to share it with others. But it is important to point out that sexual assault is NEVER the victim’s fault
  • Fear: There is the fear of the offender – Children are often threatened and groomed to silence and therefore many victims first reveals the abuse when they become adults – There is the fear that no one will believe it – How will friends, family, boy or girlfriend or others react – and not at least a fear of reporting the assault because will the police take the report seriously
  • Uncertainty: Strange as it may sound, a victim may doubt whether they have been abused and they only recognize it as a sexual assault when others point it out to them.
  • Guilt: Guilt and shame are closely linked. People who have been abused repeatedly go through the incident in their heads and try to understand what happened to them. It can lead to both blaming themselves and they can also end up giving themselves part of the responsibility for the abuse. And then it suddenly becomes even harder to tell others about it. But again it is important to point out that sexual assault is NEVER the victim’s fault
  • Avoidance: It is a natural thought for people who have experienced sexual abuse that they want to forget that it has happened and “move on”. Therefore, many also take a shower afterwards, where they try to wash the abuse away. Aqnd yes it is painful to talk about and think about what happened, but it is unfortunately even more devastating both mentally and physically to try to ‘forget’ the abuse without telling others about it.

Sexual abuse can take place in many ways

If you are assaulted by an unknown person, you know for sure that you have been sexual abused

If, on the other hand, you have been abused by someone you already knew and maybe even someone you trusted, it can be harder to open up and tell about it

But as long you stay silent, you deny yourself help

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