why sharing works

All members joining My Caring Network have something in common as My Caring Network is a worldwide community for like-minded people struggling with potentially sensitive or personal subjects. We offer face-to-face contact,  Video Chat, as an option, which increases the chance of close supportive connections.

 10 REASONS WHY SHARING between like-minded people works  

1. It plant seeds of hope in your mind:

Connecting with people who are coping well and are willing to share about it gives hope for thoose at the beginning of the process.

2. Universality:

Knowing that there are people all over the world who are also fighting with the same subject gives a sense of belonging to this group.

3. Imparting information:

Chat members can help each other by sharing information regardless of where in world they live and at any time at the day.

4. Sharing in a closed forum and anonymously provides security:

Each member can without fear explore how childhood experiences contributed to personality and behaviors. They can also learn to avoid behaviors that are destructive or unhelpful in real life.

5. Development of socialization techniques to avoid isolation:

Using the chat is safe and united in the fight against a common subject, allowing chat members to think outside the box without the fear of failure.

6. Imitative behavior:

Individuals can model the behavior/advice of other members who are coping well.

7. Interpersonal learning:

By interacting with other members and receiving feedback, you can gain a greater understanding of yourself.

8. Group cohesiveness:

When people are united in a common case, they gain a sense of belonging and acceptance.

9. Catharsis:

Sharing feelings and experiences can help you relieve pain, guilt, or stress.

10. Existential factors:

Knowing that you are not alone and being connected with these like-minded people brings hope, strength and faith in the future.

Sharing with like-minded people becomes almost like a familiar situation.