Girls should be in school and not married

Education is everybody’s right. No girl, however poor, however desperate her country’s situation, is to be excluded from school. 

But in most developing countries woman and child bride's right to decide over their own body and determine the number and spacing of their children is limited or non-existant. The extension of women's rights is the basic principle of all social progress.

Let's welcome the #MeToo movement and pray for it to be the beginning of the end of patriarchy.

Let also #MeToo be the global platform to a stop for sexual harassment and violence against women and girls and a platform for a future with equal freedom, respect and power.

Women's rights are human rights!

UNWOMEN is The United Nations entity dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women.

UNWOMEN runs a campaign for women to be able to live without fear of gender-based violence, including rape and other sexual violence and harassment and to get access to equal freedom, equal respect and equal power.

A gender equal world is not just a women’s issue.

Men are NOT just a part of the gender equality conversation. They are part of both the problem and the solution.

The United Nations HeForShe - Global Solidarity Movement for Gender Equality fights for women and girl's rights'. Both women and men can commit and become an active part in turning the world into a gender equal place.

Gender equality is not just a women’s issue, it’s a human rights issue.

HeForShe is NOT an invitation only for men but for people of all genders to stand in solidarity with women to create a bold, visible and united force for gender equality.


Join them and show the world that you stand on the right side of history – where all genders are equal.

When you click on 'I COMMIT' you will be redirected to HeForShe's website in a new window where you can fill out the form.